Hello, darling ✨

I’m RaDonna. I’m deeply grateful you’re here!

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I am a professional tarot reader and a tarot teacher.

My method is simple:
all guidance I offer is to reconnect you with, well, you.

My mission is significant:
the shift in you, shifts the world around you.

We tend to think of tarot as helping us understand the past, or as giving us a glimpse in the future. There are elements of that, sure; the power of tarot, however, shares what you can access right here, right now.

When things feel out of control, when we focus so much on the hurt of what has happened, when we worry about what is to come..

Tarot provides the anchor back to self, back to the here and now.

I know this feeling deeply.

Before Tarot entered my life, I never took care of my body, I entered co-dependent relationship after co-dependent —I dissolved in those relationships—I could never go to my parents house without leaving in anger, and hell, I even went by the wrong name. I felt so incongruent with myself and it was eating me alive.

Tarot didn’t fix any of those things. It gave me tools, pathways, clarity, and awareness about those things; it gave me the opportunity to listen to myself and choose new actions.

Tarot is the tool that brings me back to myself, back to the center, back to the moment.

This is what I share with clients through readings, and teach people how to access on their own.

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