Hello, darling ✨

I’m RaDonna, an intuitive and spiritual advisor. Thank you for being here today.


Through reiki, tarot, mediumship and writing, I guide women through their healing journey. My approach awakens the spirit, the inner child, the soul, and applies those energies as the guiding light to healing.

I am a Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon, and Scorpio Rising. To me, heaven on Earth is a trifecta of Taurean perfection: flower in my left hand, ice cream cone in my right hand, and my partner embracing me. 

Since 2015, practicing tarot and mediumship has been part of my daily life. First as a personal practice, then a hobby, and finally a path to pursue as a main focus. My goal is to make people feel warm and welcome when seeking guidance—especially if this is their first go at energy or spirit work. 

I offer readings, coaching, and workshops to serve women who seek personal healing and clarity.

I am still a student — and will remain forever curious. Whereas I’ve tapped into something that helps others, I know that there is always more to learn, and am just getting started on this journey. I feel blessed to have discovered something that others have been practicing for decades, centuries and honor the work that has been done before I came along.


My animal ally is the turkey vulture, nature’s purifier.

Lavender and anything iridescent give me joy.

My favorite tarot card is the Empress. 

Lemongrass brightens my mood and relieves anxiety.

I wear obsidian around my heart and keep it in my car as a companion.

Above all, I believe in love.