About RaDonna

Welcome, traveler

I’m RaDonna.


In this moment, as I recover from a bad ankle break, I find myself reevaluating my purpose on this planet. A writer at my core, I know wherever I go, whatever I do, words will be the foundation on which my life is built.

My partner reminded me that life doesn’t only happen at A and B. It happens in between. Where am I headed? Only time tells. For now, I live in the transition.

Here I express my thoughts, ideas, feelings about experiences from a spiritual, socially conscious perspective. That could manifest in many forms.


In the meantime, enjoy 10 truthful things about me:

Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon 
An astrological conflict: my head floats in the sky while my feet remain planted firm in the ground.

I’m 98% Vegetarian
My quest to become vegetarian began one Thanksgiving while I stared down the baked bird in front of me. Even as a young person, I contemplated its sacrifice for the table of ironically ungrateful humans. Since then, I’ve attempted vegetarianism at least a dozen times. I am not 100% there yet; I sparingly allow myself my favorite cut of steak, which helps me turn down the everyday temptations. I’ve learned that starting somewhere is better than not starting at all.

I Favor Rainy Days
Thunderstorms soothe me and help me write. Sometimes, I’m even disappointed when the sun comes back out.

I’ve Never (really) Had a Full Time Job
I thrive in solitude. Being interrupted or watched disrupts me flow and inhibits my energy. It took me 10 years to discover this about myself. Now that I know, it’s important to protect.

I’m Making Peace with Spiders.
They’re miraculous creatures, after all. Message bringers. Protectors. Naturally self-sufficient. Why do they seem so terrifying?

Bad Feminist
“I embrace the label of bad feminist because I am human. I am messy. I’m not trying to be an example. I am not trying to be perfect. I am not trying to say I have all the answers. I am not trying to say I’m right. I am just trying — trying to support what I believe in, trying to do some good in this world, trying to make some noise with my writing while also being myself.” — Roxane Gay. She nails it. I will learn and unlearn for the rest of my life.

Natural Light Admirer
Something feels clean when the only light comes from outside, even on—especially on— cloudy days.

I Don’t Dot My i’s
because why?

I Read Tarot
In fifth grade, my aunt let me see her ritual room. She read tarot for me, filling my mind with stars and inspiring a lifelong curiosity. Now, I use elements of mediumship, allowing the spirits to help guide the intuitive reading.

Church Bells Make My Heart Soar
These bells ring every hour during they day, yet I only hear it from time to time. Why is that? These rare moments make me think of Bells of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh, reminding me to be present.