-3286580399604559549_IMG_6218My love, thank you for being here.


I’m RaDonna.

I help people make empowered choices, speak their truth, find balance, and feel connected to their purpose.

Experience Wellness

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Private: Moonlight Mentorship

October 2020 begins and ends with full moons. This creates a beautiful capsule to strengthen spiritual skills. As RaDonna gears up and prepares to release her Tarot Education Suite, Read Like RaDonna, this Moonlight Mentorship serves as the class of classes to learn tarot, especially as it helps reveal a path to heal.

Just like moonlight, it is fleeting — this is the ONLY live run of this class.

Moonlight Mentorship

Create a divinely guided life inspired by Tarot.

A 2-hour virtual course to not only teach how to read cards, but to experience a deep liberation with them, presenting:

✨ RaDonna’s 4-Step Tarot Reading Method
✨ The Major Arcana as a Mirror & Gateway
✨ The Minor Arcana as Instruction & Steps
✨ The Power of a Past-Present-Future spread
✨ Moon Cycles & Tarot Rituals

✨ PLUS ✨ a 30-minute one-on-one session with RaDonna scheduled after the course

A note from RaDonna:

“Tarot was the first thing I did for myself – that didn’t directly benefit anyone but my own energy. When I look back, that is what is truly significant about it. Tarot gave me access to my inner voice, and I continued to turn that volume up day by day. What I hope this course helps you to do, is what it did for me. I listen to my intuition before my intellect. I allow my emotions to educate me. I notice my patterns of anxiety, depression, enabling, codependency. Yes, reading cards is a beautiful and fun skill–but the impact this practice can have is immeasurable.”

Learn to Read Like RaDonna from her Moonlight Mentorship course. Register by submitting payment below:


Stay for a Reading

Virtual Sessions
connect from anywhere in the world
spend a half hour in conversation with RaDonna to ask the cards what’s deep in your heart.
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Energy Forecast

RaDonna’s insight to help you navigate the cosmic and collective energy of the month ahead.

$11/month + tax



Getting back to work.

As I sit down with my tea, to prep for my first week of “normal” work since the murder of George Floyd, I realize how important it is, right here and now, to make commitments for long-term change. Because nothing should go back to normal. We should not return to our scheduled posts, our services, …

Tarot for Lovers

Valentine’s Day has me thinking about how Tarot portrays love. Any card could relate to love, relationships, sex, and intimacy in the deck, but a few offer messages about love directly.  The most obvious is, of course, The Lovers.  It speaks of unity, divine intervention, two coming together, open-heartedness, and so much more. At its …

Three Beliefs About Love That Keep Us from Actually Feeling It

Very few of us take a moment to deepen our understanding of love. To explore what we want, how it feels. We believe certain concepts as facts. And it’s no surprise. [Peek through RaDonna’s Looking at Love Retreat & Self-Love Retreat if you want in-depth, in-person exploration about this topic] We are sold, shown, and taught …