Year Ahead Spread

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This in-depth reading offers a window to your soul work, your journey.

In this reading, a card is pulled for each month of 2018, representing your unique lessons  of the year to come. Another card is pulled to represent a central theme or message. With 13 cards total, the year ahead spread offers insight what each month of 2018 brings to the table energetically.

Like the other tarot spreads, you receive a written summary of your reading; unlike the other tarot spreads, the reading is more like a short book, a story of your year to come. It will read like it moves through the cycle of your life. You will receive a photo of the Year Ahead Spread, but also an image of each specific card.

For me, the Year Ahead Spread is my starting point to the rest of my intention-setting for the next year. The central card helps me identify a mantra for the year, and the twelve monthly cards help me use the energy to support what’s in my greatest good. From here, I vision board and plan around the energy that’s in my corner and asking for my attention.

That’s not to say I know everything to come, right? For instance, I had no idea that getting the death card reversed would mean I would break my ankle, but I knew it meant a significant shift was headed my way, something I needed to pay attention to. The cards in the Year Ahead Spread allow us to focus on both our light and shadow work—both equally important as we move toward our highest self. I knew 2017 was going to be tumultuous, and it was, but the cards also showed great reward as I seek understanding of self.

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A reminder: Tarot readings are meant to inspire thought and reflection. Tarot readings and mediumship do not predict the future, as the future is ever-changing in each moment. You must understand this in order to book with me.