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Stella 7 Spread

Sella 7 Tarot Spread Sample

I adore this spread. Personally, I look to the Stella 7 Tarot Spread when I need greater understanding of self. It offers a deeper, more descriptive narrative about what we currently face. To me, it’s a prolific tarot reading for self-awareness.

The Stella 7 Tarot Spread offers its depth with seven insightful pulls representing:

Your Inner Self
The Energy Working For You
Your Past Influences
Your Hopes & Dreams
Your Relationships
Your Fears
The Result

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Originally, this tarot spread was titled the “Gyspy 7 Spread,” which I dusted off from an antique divination encyclopedia. Even though most of us know the term gypsy as an over-saturated pop-culture reference, the term is actually a racial slur toward Romani people. Admittedly, I used this word to describe my spirit at one time or another, never questioning the history from which it came. Now that I know, using the term gypsy, especially as a descriptor of my means to earn a living, feels insensitive and inappropriate. Tarot readers invent spreads all of the time. So, hell, I changed the title (and the sixth line, which was formerly “the energy working against you.” Yikes.). I share this to acknowledge my own ignorance. We all start life as fools, but it’s imperative that once we know better, to do better. We grow. We evolve. We bring others up with us.


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A reminder: Tarot readings are meant to inspire thought and reflection. Tarot readings and mediumship do not predict the future, as the future is ever-changing in each moment. You must understand this in order to book with me.