Moon Mantra Tarot Reading


In this reading, I pull a tarot card for the new moon or the full moon. For the new moon, the tarot card represents the energy to manifest. For the full moon, the tarot card represents the energy to release.

Then, I write a summary of the card, as well as offer a one-sentence mantra for you to repeat during meditation, write on your mirror or use during your new moon ritual.

Personally, these mantras help me focus on the appropriate energy for what’s happening in my life, make stronger decisions, and feel connected to my spirit.

When you book a moon mantra reading, make sure you schedule a reading around what the moon is doing in the sky 🙂


  1. Schedule your tarot reading
  2. Make a payment for your tarot reading
  3. On the date you chose, check your email for your virtual tarot reading


A reminder: Tarot readings are meant to inspire thought and reflection. Tarot readings and mediumship do not predict the future, as the future is ever-changing in each moment. You must understand this in order to book with me.