Tarot Readings

Virtual tarot readings allow us to connect no matter where we are in the world.

During the time you book for your tarot reading, I pull a tarot spread for you. I spend time with your inquiry; I meditate, call in your spirit guides, pull cards for a tarot spread of your choice, and write a narrative for you to keep.

My Process
A sacred space is so important to the integrity of the tarot reading. Before each tarot reading, I sage my space, as well as the tarot cards, to clear any lingering energy. I light incense, and place any crystals or stones on the table to mark the beginning of the tarot reading. Then, I meditate on your inquiry while shuffling the cards, asking for answers that serve your greatest good.

To guide the messages, I use elements of mediumship; our spirit guides have so much to tell us, and that’s what I channel during a tarot reading. Additionally, I stay as informed as possible about celestial occurrences and horoscopes should they be impactful to your inquiry (Astrology is an amazingly unique expertise—Chani Nicholas and The Hoodwitch are my go-to gurus).

Right now, I offer four choices for your tarot reading:

$15 –   Moon Mantra (One-Card Pull + One Mantra based on full or new moon)
$30 –   Trilogy (Three-Card Spread)
$60 –   Stella 7 (Seven-Card Spread)

You receive:
A detailed PDF of your reading
Each card’s meaning to your inquiry, that you can review and revisit
A photo of your spread
A summary of your reading

To schedule a tarot reading, visit my Calendly page. Choose the type of tarot reading and the date you’d like to receive your message. Calendly automatically adds your tarot reading to both of our calendars.

An email with payment details will be sent from Calendly. To confirm the tarot reading, a payment must be made at least two days prior to the date you selected. Please let me know if Venmo is not an option for you, and we’ll work together to find an alternative.

Book a Tarot Reading with RaDonna


A reminder: Tarot readings are meant to inspire thought and reflection. Tarot readings and mediumship do not predict the future, as the future is ever-changing in each moment. You must understand this in order to book with me.