Tarot for Lovers

Valentine’s Day has me thinking about how Tarot portrays love. Any card could relate to love, relationships, sex, and intimacy in the deck, but a few offer messages about love directly.  The most obvious is, of course, The Lovers.  It speaks of unity, divine intervention, two coming together, open-heartedness, and so much more. At itsContinue reading “Tarot for Lovers”

Three Beliefs About Love That Keep Us from Actually Feeling It

Very few of us take a moment to deepen our understanding of love. To explore what we want, how it feels. We believe certain concepts as facts. And it’s no surprise. [Peek through RaDonna’s Looking at Love Retreat & Self-Love Retreat if you want in-depth, in-person exploration about this topic] We are sold, shown, and taughtContinue reading “Three Beliefs About Love That Keep Us from Actually Feeling It”