The Things Tarot Taught Me that I Didn’t Expect

I don’t know exactly what I expected from tarot, but I suppose I wanted something to help me understand my life a bit better. It did that and more. Sure, tarot helped me gain clarity on things that were affecting me. Still, it’s almost like there was this hidden curriculum of practicing tarot — divingContinue reading “The Things Tarot Taught Me that I Didn’t Expect”

Femme & Freaky : The subversive power of Friday the 13th

As a kid, I possessed an inexplicable love for Friday the 13th.  It felt like a special day. The horror movie marathons and spooky superstitions had a lot to do with my excitement, but I whole-heartedly believed it was a day to celebrate. To me, it was weird that people considered it a day ofContinue reading “Femme & Freaky : The subversive power of Friday the 13th”

Practical Magic: Full Moon in Virgo Rituals

How to Embrace the Full Moon in Virgo, loves! First, let’s situate ourselves. Many feel drained, discombobulated, depressed—overall significantly low in energy right now. Those feelings aren’t ideal — but they’re not only okay, they’re on time. This week, my dear friend Kearstin described telling time as “Primordial,” using seasons, land, and cosmic cycles toContinue reading “Practical Magic: Full Moon in Virgo Rituals”

222 Tarot Spread

Today I’m sharing my 222 Tarot Spread, one I created to embrace the unique energetic portals of February 2 and February 22, 2022. Although it will be powerful today, save for any time you’re at a crossroads or feeling unsure about a next step.  It emphasizes duality, unity, alignment, connection, as well as change, challenges,Continue reading “222 Tarot Spread”

Everything is Full Circle

In elementary school, my friends and I would pretend to make potions and spells at recess (Practical Magic probably just came out 😸). Each of us would bring supplies from home, and sit in a circle under a tree and mix up pretty things. I searched my house for items we could use. I climbedContinue reading “Everything is Full Circle”