The Things Tarot Taught Me that I Didn’t Expect

I don’t know exactly what I expected from tarot, but I suppose I wanted something to help me understand my life a bit better. It did that and more. Sure, tarot helped me gain clarity on things that were affecting me. Still, it’s almost like there was this hidden curriculum of practicing tarot — divingContinue reading “The Things Tarot Taught Me that I Didn’t Expect”

10-Step Ritual To Heal an Object

We all own objects that carry a memory, a history. Whether an heirloom, tokens of past love, or even clothes you wore on a really bad day, these items carry energy that mess with your mood. Items you’re unfamiliar with can carry some weird vibes, too, especially if you’re sensitive to energy. More than once,Continue reading “10-Step Ritual To Heal an Object”