Self-Love Retreat


February 15-17, 2019
Pleasantville, Ohio

It’s the weekend after Valentine’s Day, so love is in the air — but this year, you are going to love 👏 your 👏 self 👏

It’s a weekend of relaxation, reflection, and pampering, with an added touch of romance—think indulgent treats, like flowers and chocolate (yes please)!


A beautiful self-love altar. We’ll have one of our own!

The Experience
Self-love and self-care start from within. 
The sweet indulgences and warm environment create an amazing experience, but my retreat program adds the depth. Meditation, journaling, and soul-replenishing activities help you fall in love with yourself again. You’ll reconnect with your energy and learn ways to ritualize your care.

Check-In & Check-Out
When you arrive, we spend time one-on-one, focusing on your energy and what you need to make the weekend as meaningful as possible. Our check-in can incorporate reiki, tarot readings, or anything else you might need. Before you go, the time spent together gives you tools to take back into your daily life. Essentially, you receive two mini-sessions with me and personalize your experience at the retreat.

The Guests
A women’s retreat, guests of any age and stage of life are welcome. Prior to the retreat, each person receives House Rules to ensure everyone is on the same page. We are all drawn to the retreat for varying reasons, but we align in the purpose of personal growth and creating a safe space.

The Care
All guests receive a warm welcome package that includes essentials for the weekend, plus a little love to take home. Nourishing meals are included that will be vegetarian or vegan. Plus, the home will be filled with delights: candles, flowers, face masks, body creams, eye creams, bath soaks, and more to help you relax. 

The Space
The retreat is located in Pleasantville (so cute) in a spacious, beautiful home. It sits on about an acre of land, but has plenty of room inside in case it’s cold or snowy. There’s a fireplace, several living spaces, two kitchens, four bedrooms, four bathrooms—enough everyone will have their own space for quiet reflection and relaxation.

I actually love Valentine’s Day—this year I’d just rather focus on self-love. 😉 


Self-Love Retreat