Autumn Women’s Writing Retreat


Write what’s been on your mind.

With ease. With balance. Among peace and quiet.

During a weekend in Hocking Hills, spend time with yourself. Energize positive patterns. Discover a creative process. Spill your ideas to paper.

November 9–12, join a women’s writing retreat in Hocking Hills, Ohio.

From Thursday night to Sunday morning, this guided writing retreat allows the space and time for you to write.

While your specific focuses may vary, we’ll set intentions and work through barriers together.

Reservations Encompass:
✨Private bedroom
✨Vegetarian meals and snacks (Autumn Retreat Menu)
✨12+ hours of uninterrupted writing
✨Self-exploration and creativity stimulation activities
✨Writing exercises and tips
✨Abundance of nature
✨Intimate community of support
✨Morning meditation
✨Daily tarot readings
✨Reiki adjustments

The Environment
Tucked in the trees of Hocking Hills, the autumn writing retreat gathers like-minded women for a weekend of quiet creative exploration. With a wrap-around deck, fire ring, a loft, six bedrooms, as well as an on-property pond, the cabin allows each person sacred space to write and relax. A casual experience, we focus on the weekend’s purpose: writing. Common areas remain clean and cozy, with candles or incense lit throughout the day, to keep a welcome, inviting atmosphere. Nourishment, such as beverages and snacks, are available any time. To encourage self-exploration, art materials, such as collage or zine-making items, markers, paper, etc, are available all hours of the day. The absence of wifi allows each person to silence the mind of external pressures, and stimulate the creator within (though phones and laptops are welcome).

The Guests
Welcome, writers and non-writers alike. No matter where you are in your writing journey, you are among supportive friends. Expect a respectful, mindful group of women working on their own projects and seeking similar levels of stillness.

The Facilitator
As a writer and workshop facilitator, RaDonna helps others find their voice. She supports people on many levels of their writing journey within these relationships. To elevate the retreat experience, RaDonna intertwines her passions as a tarot reader and Certified Multi-Dimensional Intuitive Reiki Practitioner into daily activities. These activities will be part of each morning, to enhance the connectivity with your creative self.

Hocking Hills Cabin Amenities:
✨Hot tub
✨Wrap-Around Deck
✨Fire Ring
✨3 Bathrooms
✨6 Bedrooms
✨Central AC/Heat
✨Fishing and Swimming Pond on Premises
(Specific Location & Directions will be provided upon booking)

Sample Schedule (subject to change):

Day 1 – Thursday Night
5:00—6:30pm Arrival
6:30—7:00 Orientation
7:00—7:30 Intention Setting
7:30—9:00 Dinner
9:00—9:30 Reading Circle
9:30—Wind Down

Day 2 – Friday
7:00—7:30 Wake up
8:00—9:30 Morning Meditation, Tarot Readings, Morning Writing
9:30—10:15 Energizing Breakfast
10:30—1:00 Exploratory Writing
1:00—2:30 Hearty Lunch & Midday Break
2:30—3:15 Writing Prompt: Transformation
3:30—6:30 Exploratory Writing
6:30—8:00 Dinner & Evening Break
8:00—9:00 Reading Circle
9:00—Wind Down

Day 3 – Saturday
7:00—7:30 Wake Up
8:00—9:30 Morning Meditation, Tarot Readings, Morning Writing
9:30—10:15 Energizing Breakfast
10:30—1:30 Exploratory Writing (encouraged to travel off-site to explore the surrounding area)
1:30—3:00 Hearty Lunch & Midday Break
3:00—3:30 Writing Prompt: Natural State of Things
3:45—6:30 Exploratory Writing
6:30—8:00 Dinner & Evening Break
8:00—9:00 Reading Circle
9:00—11:00 Fire Ring (& S’mores!)

Day 4 – Sunday Morning
7:00—7:30 Wake Up
7:30—8:30 Brief Morning Meditation, Tarot Readings
8:30—9:00 Morning Writing:
9:00—9:30 Energizing Breakfast
9:30—10:30 Goodbyes
(Sunday morning activities may be extended based on availability of late checkout)

House Rules:
✨Respect peace of common areas — no music or loud talking in common areas during writing times
✨Each retreat member must participate in nightly readings and read something they wrote. We all have valuable insight to share.
✨Phone use is your choice, however, please leave devices in your room during morning rituals and nightly readings. Wifi is not available at this cabin, though you may post and share what you want as your connectivity plan allows (of course, ask your fellow retreaters before positing any of their photos/names/work)
✨Respect others’ food, belongings and space
✨21+ (because wine…)

From November 9 to November 12, join a women’s writing retreat to rediscover your voice, invest time in your creativity, and write what your heart desires.

With plenty of privacy, nourishing meals, over 12 hours of writing time among the natural beauty of Hocking Hills, paired with exercises to awaken your creative spirit, you’ll leave feeling energized, focused and grounded.

✨Two Rooms Available ✨
Connect with RaDonna for details: radonnawrites[at]gmail[dot]com

After you book your retreat, I will send a confirmation email. Closer to November 9, I will send emails with tips to prepare for the weekend of writing and relaxation.

See you in Hocking Hills, xo