Summer 2018

I invite you to join the Summer Women’s Writing Retreat: REFRESH

August 24-26, 2018 // Centerburg, Ohio // Weekend of the Full Moon in Pisces


Autumn Overnight

A Good Night’s Rest on a Comfortable Bed // Friday 5:00pm – Sunday 4:00pm //


Sleepover Style

Bring a Sleeping Bag to spend the weekend sleepover style // Friday 5:00pm – Sunday 4:00pm //


The Experience

Emily 3

The retreats I offer blend writing prompts, meditation, and self-care rituals to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

After the weekend, guests tend to feel many things—grounded, relaxed, centered, connected, energized, focused—but most of all, we feel alive. We reconnect to our true self.

Know that the Summer Writing Retreat Program is designed to serve as a guide to nurture inner insight—structured enough for specific shifts, but open enough for everyone to create their own experience. All prompts and activities serve the overall theme, Refresh.

Friday’s Focus is on intention-setting, both for the weekend, and for how you want to move forward after the retreat.

Saturday’s Focus is on reflection & release. It’s a full moon weekend, after all. We will explore some ways we can reframe narratives and let go of anything that no longer serves.

Sunday’s Focus is on self-care. We will explore ways to take care of ourselves and enhance any of our current practices. We will embrace the full moon energy with a self-care ritual that is imbued with Pisces intention.

Each guest receives:
Welcome package
All snacks, meals and beverages
Writing Prompts
Time for Independent Writing
Access to Nature
Daily Tarot Reading
Take-Home Self-Care Kit
A Full Moon Ritual

Speaking of…

Full MoonFalling under the Full Moon in Pisces, the timing of the Summer Women’s Writing Retreat, August 24-26, I intentionally chose this date because of its power to aid growth and reflection—an energy that will beautifully serve the retreat program.

By itself, a Full Moon provides an atmosphere to alleviate all that weighs us down from being our best self—it’s always a powerful time to release energy through writing and ritual. With the added influence of Pisces, which facilitates transformation, this Full Moon is particularly significant for breaking harmful cycles and beginning healthy patterns.

We will reflect. We will pause. We will breathe. We will release.

When you leave the retreat, you will feel restored, inside and out. You will go back to your days with a renewed sense of self, as well as tools to keep your momentum.

The Property

retreat house

We’ll be staying at the Corner Tree Bohemian Retreat in Centerburg, Ohio. Just under an hour drive from Columbus, the retreat is in a serene location that was built for peace and tranquility.

Some of the things I loved about the space during the Spring Retreat were the views of the pond from the walls of windows in the common areas, the sunrise peeking through the entrance, and birdwatching from the back patio. The land offered transformative experiences with a clear view of the Full Moon, and a late-night walk through the labyrinth. Swinging in a hammock under a wind chime on the front porch might be one of my favorite private moments. I also love witnessing everyone embrace the space in their own way, whether it was a glass of wine after everyone went to bed, sunrise salutations before we got started, watching the sunrise from the front porch, starting a fire that facilitated a beautiful discussion on Saturday night.

There’s so much I plan, but some of the best moments also emerge from guests being their full and complete selves.

Before she passes the keys, the proprietress blesses the home so everything feels safe, homey, and loving for our time there.

For your stay, choose from two lodging options, depending on the experience you prefer.

Enjoy the accommodations of the log home, where you can get a good night’s sleep in a cozy bed. (Two spots are open)

Autumn Overnight

A Good Night’s Rest on a Comfortable Bed // Friday 5:00pm – Sunday 4:00pm //


Or, bring your own tent and camping supplies so you can fall asleep under the stars and wake up with the sun. (Three spots available)

Sleepover Style

Bring a Sleeping Bag to spend the weekend sleepover style // Friday 5:00pm – Sunday 4:00pm //


Just added:

Sunday Full Moon Program

Sunday Self-Care Workshop for Full Moon in Pisces //


No matter which option you choose, all include the amenities of the property anytime:

Three bathrooms
Full kitchen
Plenty of Electric Outlets
Coffee Nook
Living room & dining room
Front and Back Patio
Fire Pits
Meditation Trail
On-Property Pond

Contact Me

If you have any questions at all, or prefer to set up a payment plan, feel free to email me, RaDonna, at any time. Thank you for your love and support.