Private Reiki Session

What it feels like: As you lay or sit comfortably, warm, calm sensations will flow through and around you. I gently touch areas that need attention, such as your head, neck, arms, legs and feet, depending on what you need in the moment. Mostly, we focus on the chakras and working through blocks. It is so relaxing you may even fall asleep. Afterward, you may feel lighter, like a natural high.

Each Reiki practitioner works differently.

For me, I use my favorite essential oils, play some meditation music and allow space for you to enjoy a moment of peace.

I also use multi-dimensional healing, which manifests differently for each person. You may experience feelings of unconditional love, greater connections to your higher power, or an true acceptance of self. You may experience nothing in the moment, and simply feel relaxed. You may find yourself in a powerful meditative state. Ultimately, multi-dimensional healing helps you ascend in vibration, connecting you to your highest self.

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