Read Like RaDonna: Tarot Education Suite

tarot class to know yourself better

If you just want to learn exact meanings of the 78 cards, you’re in the wrong place…

Learn tarot from RaDonna if you want to create a deep, meaningful connection with your cards.

Yes, you will of course learn the foundations of tarot so you can be confident in and have fun with your readings. But RaDonna’s intention is that your knowledge transcends into your life so you may:

process and work through heavy shit

unlearn limiting beliefs, and create new pathways

create natural rituals and routines in your practice and life

trust your intuition and be okay with tough decisions

If you’re ready to ditch the guidebook and develop your intuition, your connection with self, Read Like RaDonna is for you.

Registration closes December 20, 2021

✨class begins December 23, 2021

Included in your registration

✨8 weekly virtual, pre-recorded classes you take in your own time
✨Digital Workbook to practice and record notes
✨2 Q&A hangouts with RaDonna through zoom
✨Access to any future Q&As hosted by RaDonna
✨Discounts & first dibs on future classes
✨Unlimited access to video content
✨Sliding Scale payment plans

Self-Select your Payment Plan to enroll:

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I have worked with RaDonna now for about three years now, and I have to say that her Read Like RaDonna Program was extra special. She doesn’t give out meanings to memorize, she encourages and guides you to tap into your intuition to form your own conclusions and interpretations based on symbolism and canon. She also makes it tangible-she isn’t going to tell the future, and she isnt teaching you how to tell your own. In this program, RaDonna gave me the tools to tap into what is already inside of me to help me reflect on decisions, opportunities, and challenges, and use my own experiences to build meaningful readings for myself. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to dive into the Tarot and harness this skill into a personal routine.

—Kirsten, OH

✨ Self Select Your Payment Plan to Enroll ✨

link takes you to PayPal Checkout

the experience

Q&A with RaDonna

Two thirty-minute zoom sessions when you can hang out with RaDonna and questions about course content.

Ditch the Damn Book

RaDonna created a 4-Step Method to teach you how to read cards in a natural and easy way… ultimately designed to get you out of the habit of reaching for the tarot guidebook and into the habit of trusting yourself.

Video Freedom

Each class is a pre-recorded video you can watch anytime during the week. You can rewind, pause, rewatch, go at your own pace. Be totally naked. You do you.

Practice Prompts

Receive thoughtful prompts, exercises, and activities to not only gain experience with the cards, but to get clear about your own beliefs, experiences, perspective on a spiritual level.

“Learning to read tarot with RaDonna has been an incredible blessing. My deck feels like an extension of myself, and regular readings prompt me to engage with the world, and my role in it, through a new lens. My cards remind me of my own power and help me face the shadow parts of myself that I am still working to befriend.”

—Kearstin, TX
radonna’s principles


Intuition is the most essential building block of the Read Like RaDonna Tarot Education Suite. Tarot is a tool to connect you back to self, and intuition is the way the message is carried.


Although tarot is an expansive well of knowledge that grows deeper and deeper, there are boundaries in readings (as with all things good). RaDonna teaches tarot in a way that empowers, rather than limits, helps, rather than hinders.


To create clarity around a surely overused, the winter program is holistic in that it means encompassing Mind, Body, and Spirit; this course brings these elements together to impact not just readings, but your life overall.

radonnareed at radonnareed dot com

Instagram: @ radonnareed

Disclaimer: By purchasing the Read Like RaDonna Tarot Education Suite, participants fully agree and acknowledge these terms: all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be permitted in any circumstance. No downloads or recording of content is permitted. For those considering sharing the content of this course with friends, you must contact RaDonna for a group rate.

Each participant is responsible for their choices and mental health journey.

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