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tarot class to know yourself better

you feel a shift in your life, a change in thinking, feeling, or being. you may not know what it is yet, but you know it’s happening. In this moment of unknown, you are called to try reading tarot. You want to gain clarity and wisdom for your life as you move forward.

when you draw your cards, however, confusion and overwhelm rushes over you. you want to make sure you’re doing it “right,”  you try to memorize all 78 cards, or maybe you find yourself reading the guidebook or doing an internet search to find the meaning of the cards in front of you.

You wanted to feel clarity, and instead feel disconnected.

What if it could feel like this:

You sit with your deep, burning question. You pull your tarot cards, and when you flip the cards over, you feel an instant confidence in the message. You feel connected to the cards, to energy around you, and most importantly, to yourself.

What if you could practice tarot in a way that allows you to build trust with yourself?

This kind of clarity and confidence blends into your life.

No matter how exciting or challenging the road, you feel guided to make on-purpose choices, and trust yourself fully in the process.

This is what Read Like RaDonna Tarot Course is all about.
Learn tarot in a way where you not only get to know the cards, but you get to know yourself, too.


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Here’s what you learn:

radonna’s principles


Intuition is the most essential building block of the Read Like RaDonna Tarot Education Suite. Tarot is a tool to connect you back to self, and intuition is the way the message is carried.


Although tarot is an expansive well of knowledge that grows deeper and deeper, there are boundaries in readings (as with all things good). RaDonna teaches tarot in a way that empowers, rather than limits, helps, rather than hinders.


To create clarity around a surely overused, the winter program is holistic in that it means encompassing Mind, Body, and Spirit; this course brings these elements together to impact not just readings, but your life overall.

radonnareed at radonnareed dot com

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Disclaimer: By purchasing the Read Like RaDonna Tarot Education Suite, participants fully agree and acknowledge these terms: all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be permitted in any circumstance. No downloads or recording of content is permitted. For those considering sharing the content of this course with friends, you must contact RaDonna for a group rate.

Each participant is responsible for their choices and mental health journey.

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