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seek clarity on what matters most in your mind, heart, and soul.

Virtual Reading

30 minute sessions, $65

Life Map Reading

1 hour consultation, plus a keepsake copy for your records, $249

Before booking, it is essential for each person to review and agree to RaDonna’s
Policies and Procedures. All sessions are virtual.

Virtual Readings are truly for anyone who feels drawn to tarot and would like a general reading, or to ask the cards about one or two specific topics.

RaDonna’s signature spread, the Life Map Reading offers directions on your soul journey, answering deep questions of life and purpose. Because of their limited availability, RaDonna asks that you schedule with her directly.

My life map reading with RaDonna has been one of those guiding moments that keeps unfolding for me even months after having it done. The depth of her insights about the cards that came up for me and her ability to connect them to very core elements of who I am and who I want to be was like shining a giant light on my life.  Certain things RaDonna said to me during that reading play in my head like Mantras and center me on a daily basis. – Lacey