Women’s Writing Retreat

Spring Women’s Writing Retreat
Sacred Garden Farm // Delaware, Ohio
April 27–29, 2018

Relax your body.
Reclaim your energy.
Reconnect with your creativity. 

Spend a weekend writing within the peaceful environment of Sacred Garden Farm. With an abundance of support, nourishment, and inspiration, RaDonna and the Spring Women’s Writing Retreat will guide you through your personal journey.

Program Options

Day Only
Saturday 8:00-4:30 & Sunday 8:00-4:30
Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Beverages
Daily Tarot Readings
6 hours of Independent Writing
2.5 hours of Meditation Exercises
4 Writing Prompts
Welcome Package

Friday 5:00pm — Sunday 4:30pm
All Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Beverages, Wine
Daily Tarot Readings
8 hours of Independent Writing
3.5 hours of Meditation Exercises
6 Writing Prompts
30-minute Energy Healing appointment
Welcome Package + Journal, Felt-Tip Pen
Access to Bedrooms for Privacy, Comfort, and Convenience

The Retreat Program uses writing as a tool to: check-in with your energy, identify blocks, stimulate self-love, release what’s no longer serving, and visualize what you want for the future.

Spring Writing Retreat Program


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The Sacred Garden Farm is exactly that… sacred. To be in this space means to be safe, surrounded by light and love. This is what I experienced the first time I visited the Sacred Garden Farm. I was literally surrounded by light, and a peaceful, still energy.

Sacred Garden Farm offers a safe space for all of this energy work. Some of the features include: a fireplace, fire pit, a living room, a front room, three bathrooms. Along a creek, it also has outdoor areas to sit and land to explore. There are also herb gardens and a chicken coop. This space is energetically open for healing and writing. It feels warm, welcoming and cozy, and is the perfect space for a spring retreat.


I am still developing the menu, but it will be nourishing and delicious (and vegetarian!). To ensure each meal serves everyone, please let me know of any dietary restrictions, such as allergies or diseases. Although the meals will not be vegan, there will be vegan options. Please see the Autumn Retreat Menu for an idea of what to expect.


A variety of rates were created to offer options based on any budget or preference.

$300 Day Only
$350 Overnight Upgrade – Air Mattress
$450 Overnight Upgrade – Shared Bedroom
$600 Overnight Upgrade – Private Bedroom


RaDonna Reed is a healer and spiritual advisor, offering guidance through tarot, reiki and mediumship. She creates spaces for people to heal, look inward and gain understanding. To get to know her better, visit http://www.radonnareed.com.


Please make your reservation by April 7.

To reserve your space at the Spring Women’s Writing Retreat, please make a payment through one of the methods listed below. 

Specify your retreat option with the corresponding payment amount:

$300 Day Only
$350 Overnight Upgrade – Air Mattress
$450 Overnight Upgrade – Shared Bedroom
$600 Overnight Upgrade – Private Bedroom

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If you have questions about the retreat, please email RaDonna Reed at radonnawrites@gmail.com.

Thank You & Hope To See You Soon!

The feedback below was written by guests of the 2017 Autumn Women’s Writing Retreat.

“Your writing retreat was so wonderful. I think the best thing about it was that it felt natural in the way it flowed, in activities and conversation. I thought the amount of people in the group was perfect as well. It felt like an incredibly safe but intimate environment to re-center / explore / share / ground myself. The meditation in the morning and evening was so powerful, it helped remind me how important my spirituality is and aided in resetting my sense of power and peace. You were so patient with all of us and although sometimes we may have started a conversation on one topic, we may have ended in an opposite direction, and as our host you allowed that to flow as it was meant to, and that was really nice. It allowed us to work through thoughts out loud, even if they weren’t just about writing or creativity. (Also the food was amazing- side note, thank you so much not only for hosting the retreat but also home cooking us food every day! I felt very pampered). I know I keep saying this but again, your meditations were wonderful. The part about the ground supporting me whichever way I go is a beautiful image still vivid in my mind. If I could make any suggestions at all I’d say more writing prompts! The ones we did get helped spark ideas in me and jostle me out of a writers funk.”

*From this feedback, I created more prompts for the Spring Women’s Writing Retreat!*

“I was excited about getting away from the grind and having time to reflect. I got way more from the retreat than I expected. It healed the soul.”

“Well done. I wrote much more than I thought I would. I created a poem that I’m quite enamored with. It is foundational of how I want to think about life. I uncovered boundaries that I want to have in my reveals.”

“I really think this helped me with a lot, and opened the doors to doing more of this type of stuff and finding benefit in it.”

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Day-Only Registration

Saturday 8:00am – 4:30pm Sunday 8:00am – 4:30pm




Overnight – Air Mattress

Friday 5:00pm – Sunday 4:30pm




Overnight – Shared Bedroom

Friday 5:00pm – Sunday 4:30pm




Overnight – Private Bedroom

Friday 5:00pm – Sunday 4:30pm