One-on-One Sessions

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Virtual Sessions: 30 minutes, $40
In-Person Sessions: 60 minutes, $80

Virtual Sessions

Convenient and comfortable, meeting virtually gives us both a chance to be the most present, calm, open and available to each other. Mostly, we connect through FaceTime or Facebook Video Chat, but we could create another plan depending on your preference.

Before each session, I light incense, clear energy in the room, and meditate to prepare my body and mind for our time together.

30 minutes for $40

reading tarot for you

Below I’ve offered descriptions of services for you, but if you know what you want already, feel free to go ahead and schedule!

Virtual Tarot Readings
Our time together is spent talking about a few things that are on your mind. Usually, we have plenty of time for two three-card spreads, which I lovingly named a Trilogy Spread because of the story it shares. This way we can focus on a couple topics. Or, we can dive right in to a longer spread about one area in your life.

Virtual Guided Meditations
For a virtual guided meditation, we can meditate together through FaceTime or Facebook Messenger, or I can send you a recording of the meditation you can listen to anytime. Usually the meditation is about 20 minutes, with enough time to transition in and out.

Virtual Mediumship Readings
During a mediumship reading, we connect to the spirit guides working around you. Before our session, I meditate, clear the space, cleanse my energy, and focus on my own stillness. When ready, I ask for messages that serve your greatest good, and begin to share what I receive. We can meet virtually, or I can send a recording of a reading.

Virtual Writing Sessions
Virtual writing sessions guide you through deep subjects and help you to work through blockages, creative and spiritual. Each session stems from a specific topic, with prompts or exercises designed to get to the root of that topic. I offer the structure, but also the support as you process. Writing Sessions work best in a series, but if there’s a topic you want to work through individually, we can make it happen.

Book here, dear.

In-Person Sessions

Email me to schedule your Session!

60 minutes, $80
Tarot 25

Before you arrive, I light incense and candles to prepare the space for healing. In sixty minutes, we focus on a specific offering, or blend offerings based on what you need. When you make your appointment, let me know what services speak to you, or you can leave it up to me when we meet.

Tarot Readings
For one-hour sessions, a seven-card spread, the Work Cycle, is my favorite to read. With its broad perspective, it offers clarity about what you’re experiencing, and insight to help you through it. During the reading, I take notes and give you a sheet with the name and main message of each card for you to reference later. Tarot readings blend well with reiki and mediumship.

Reiki appointments focus on your relaxation. As you lay or sit comfortably, warm, calm sensations will flow through and around you. I gently touch areas that need attention, such as your head, neck, arms, legs and feet, depending on what you need in the moment (hands-on is not necessary, depending on your comfort level). Mostly, we focus on the chakras and working through energetic blocks. It is so relaxing you may even fall asleep. Afterward, you may feel lighter, like a natural high.

Tea Readings
Sip a cup of tea while contemplating a question that is important to you. The leaves leftover will offer clarity about your curiosity, which I will read for you. I approach tea readings the same way as tarot readings—through ritual, psychic insight and connection to spirit.

Writing Sessions
Just like virtual sessions, in-person writing sessions also serve to guide you through creative and spiritual blockages. When we’re in person, writing prompts are a wonderful addition to energetic or spiritual work we’ve done together. We may focus on writing specifically, but that is also another instance where Writing Sessions work best in a series.

Home Visits:

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