October Offerings

In October 2020 we literally start and end the month with full moons. This creates a beautiful capsule to strengthen spiritual skills.

31 Nights of Tarot

Develop and deepen your tarot practice with this month-long daily challenge sent right to your inbox


✨daily emails from RaDonna with short & sweet tarot exercises
✨exercises that are a healthy mix of both light and serious practices
✨all you need is a tarot deck, a journal, and a few minutes each day


Moonlight Mentorship

Create a divinely guided life inspired by Tarot.

A 2-hour virtual course to not only teach how to read cards, but to experience a deep liberation with them, presenting:

✨ RaDonna’s 4-Step Tarot Reading Method
✨ The Major Arcana as a Mirror & Gateway
✨ The Minor Arcana as Instruction & Steps
✨ The Power of a Past-Present-Future spread
✨ Moon Cycles & Tarot Rituals

✨ PLUS ✨ a 30-minute one-on-one session with RaDonna scheduled after the course

A note from RaDonna:

“Tarot was the first thing I did for myself – that didn’t directly benefit anyone but my own energy. When I look back, that is what is truly significant about it. Tarot gave me access to my inner voice, and I continued to turn that volume up day by day. What I hope this course helps you to do, is what it did for me. I listen to my intuition before my intellect. I allow my emotions to educate me. I notice my patterns of anxiety, depression, enabling, codependency. Yes, reading cards is a beautiful and fun skill–but the impact this practice can have is immeasurable.”

Learn to Read Like RaDonna from her Moonlight Mentorship course.


to set up a payment plan, 3 payments of $83, email RaDonna.