Nourish Your Body

Learn ways to nurture your body through expression, movement, breathwork, and intuitive eating.

RaDonna guides:
✨meditation and journaling to understand your relationship to food
✨breathwork to feel calm, capable, and centered
✨journaling core beliefs and experiences about your unique identity: race, weight, gender
movements and stretches to feel safe and strong in your body
✨create healing or cleansing baths and showers
✨diy self-care oil blends
✨Intuitive Eating presentation by:

Guest Speaker Julie Ohlemacher
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Julie Ohlemacher is an intuitive eating and body image coach based in Columbus, OH. She works with women across the country to free them from the oppressive chains of diet culture. Her mission is to empower women to live their biggest, boldest, most authentic lives. She does this through helping them heal their relationship with food, body, exercise and self. “Diet culture distracts us from the truth of our inherent worth and forces us to play small in our lives,” she says. “I’m determined to change that.” Julie is also a cycling and yoga instructor.


Date: June 28, 2020
Duration: 1-4:30pm EDT
Location: anywhere you are, on Zoom
Needs: a strong wifi connection, journal & a pen

Nourish Your Body

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