Read Like RaDonna: Winter Program

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I’m RaDonna.

I want to teach you how to read tarot.

Not just the cards and what they mean, but what they can do for you.

Tarot gave me a tool that launched so much healing in my life:
✨ giving me an anchor back to myself when everything felt out of control
✨ helping me reconnect with my intuition when my inner voice felt faint
✨ re-establishing trust with myself to make empowered decisions for my life.

By taking the Read Like RaDonna Winter Program, you gain knowledge of a tool, that gives you access to yourself.

Starting February 11, RaDonna leads a Winter Program including:

  • 2-month Tarot Education Suite
  • 8 virtual courses you take in your own time
  • a deep dive into all 78 tarot cards
  • variety of learning experiences such as:
    • visual presentation style through powerpoint and video
    • guided meditations
    • tarot exercises
    • tarot templates
    • introspective prompts
  • how to use tarot as a tool for healing
  • experienced and ethical guidance from RaDonna

Start your tarot journey

Register for the Read Like RaDonna Tarot Education Suite by choosing your preference of the following payment methods:

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“This class helped me feel like the doors are open to learn! It allowed me the ability to “jump in” even though I was timid. I especially enjoyed learning about reading tarot with intention or the ritual of tarot – like how many times I should shuffle, thanking my cards and lighting a candle for readings. I was so excited when I could connect with myself and trust my own intuition in the interpretation of the message. Thank you, thank you, thank you”

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Get to Know Your Tarot Deck

Gain comfortability in knowing how the deck is structured. Dive deep into the distinction between the Major & Minor Arcana, and learn how the story in the cards offers insight on life experiences.

How to Read Cards

RaDonna developed a 4-Step Method to teach you how to read cards in a natural and easy way that empowers you, strengthens your intuition, and honors your experiences.

Reading Components

From the time you sit down with your cards, to the time you put them away, RaDonna shares how to approach a reading, creating a ritual from start to finish.

Intuition, Psychic & Mediumship

Through the practice of tarot and intentional exercises, develop connection with intuition, interpretation of psychic information, and communication with spiritual energy.

“Learning to read tarot with RaDonna has been an incredible blessing. My deck feels like an extension of myself, and regular readings prompt me to engage with the world, and my role in it, through a new lens. My cards remind me of my own power and help me face the shadow parts of myself that I am still working to befriend.”

winter program pillars


Intuition is the most essential building block of the Read Like RaDonna Tarot Education Suite. Tarot is a tool to connect you back to self, and intuition is the way the message is carried.


Although tarot is an expansive well of knowledge that grows deeper and deeper, there are boundaries in readings (as with all things good). RaDonna teaches tarot in a way that empowers, rather than limits, helps, rather than hinders.


To create clarity around a surely overused, the winter program is holistic in that it means encompassing Mind, Body, and Spirit; this course brings these elements together to impact not just readings, but your life overall.

Dive deep into Tarot with me.

Register for the Read Like RaDonna Tarot Education Suite by choosing your preference of the following payment methods:

Payment Plan:

One-time price break payment of:

radonnareed at radonnareed dot com

By purchasing the Read Like RaDonna Winter Program, participants fully agree and acknowledge these terms: all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be permitted in any circumstance. For those considering sharing the content of this course with friends, you must contact RaDonna for a group rate.

Each participant is responsible for their choices and mental health journey.

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