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Read Like RaDonna Tarot Education Course

8-week virtual tarot classes

For the person who wants to tap in to tarot as a tool to deepen connection with self and spirit.

Eight weekly classes you take in your own time.
Enrollment for the Spring Course opens March 20!

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Minor Arcana in March

a 4-class series exploring Ace-Ten in the Minor Arcana – $300

The Minor Arcana are gateway cards

These 56 cards, the bulk of the tarot, represent how we move from one situation, one energy, one emotion, to the next.

These are the details, the how to get from here to there.

Because these show up more in our immediate every day lives, many of my clients and students have experienced that Minor Arcanas can be just as or more challenging than Major Arcana cards to understand.

So we are diving deep into the suits, exploring each number, Ace – Ten, with 4, 1-hour classes.

March 1 – Class one: Introduction to Suits & Numbers, Aces, Twos
March 8 – Class two: Threes, Fours, Fives
March 15 – Class three: Sixes, Sevens, Eights
March 22 – Class four: Nines, Tens, Overview and Samples Readings

In each class, we cover symbolism, interpretations, comparisons of each number, Ace-Ten, to offer depth and clarity to your readings.

Details: Live class is at 7pm EST on March 1, March 8, March 15, and March 22 via Zoom, but a replay will be available for a limited time following the class. You will not be on video or audio, so don’t sweat. The link will be sent to the email provided in your registration.

No one will be denied access due to lack of funds. Please email me if you need access to the class. Thank you!

“Thank you for putting so much care into your classes. You really do have a gift, and I wouldn’t be as intuitively into tarot if I hadn’t met you. 💖”

— tarot class student

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