Tarot Class

How to Read for Other People

build connection,

honor boundaries,

offer helpful information

January 12, 7pm EST

Reading for another person is sacred.

Aside from just interpreting the cards, reading for another is an entirely new skillset. The interactions need to be handled with care, whether you’re randomly reading for a friend who asked, or reading for many at a paid gig.

You never know which reading will be the one that gives you a download of difficult information to share, or gives you insight to something deeply personal. RaDonna will teach you how to read for others, the ethics and awareness involved.

$65 +tax

Details: Live class is at 7pm EST on January 12 via Zoom, but a replay will be available for a limited time following the class. You will not be on video or audio, so don’t sweat. The link will be sent to the email provided in your PayPal payment.

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