2020 Retreats

Create space for self-reflection and spiritual development

intro 1Retreats with RaDonna are designed with the knowing we are all in different places in our journey,

whether we need an environment that gives us solace or sanctuary;

or we crave to learn about and practice new approaches to connect with our soul & intuition;

or perhaps we feel isolated in our journey and need to know we are part of a community;

being able to share feelings, thoughts, beliefs, gives us a chance to talk about things we normally keep inside, gives us greater chance of healing and growth.


To Retreat with RaDonna is to give yourself time and permission

To Reflect
To Connect
To Rest


Let’s go on a Journey.

Communal Retreats
Communal Retreats create the essential aspects of a transformative experience: meditations, writing prompts, meaningful conversation, and a supportive community. But, they come at a lower investment of time and money to ensure effortless access to participate. View 2020 Communal Retreat Calendar

Sundays, 12-4pm, Columbus, Ohio, $99
🚨 Registration Rate Increase to $131 on March 23. 🚨

Intimate Retreats
Intimate Retreats go more in-depth, exploring topics at greater length, uniting with a smaller group for deeper discussion. They include a nourishing meal and are hosted in a cozy environment. View 2020 Intimate Retreat Calendar

Sundays, 10am-4pm, Columbus, Ohio, $218

🚨 Registration Rate Increase to $249 on March 23. 🚨