Embrace the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice marks a time to embrace the fullness of life.  Solstice traditions and rituals revolve around the Sun and appreciation for it. After the Summer Solstice, daylight shortens; with the light of day waning, we light fire in our hearts.  This evokes a season of passion and pleasure, cultivating an atmosphere where ourContinue reading “Embrace the Summer Solstice”

10-Step Ritual To Heal an Object

We all own objects that carry a memory, a history. Whether an heirloom, tokens of past love, or even clothes you wore on a really bad day, these items carry energy that mess with your mood. Items you’re unfamiliar with can carry some weird vibes, too, especially if you’re sensitive to energy. More than once,Continue reading “10-Step Ritual To Heal an Object”

Leaders can’t have green lips.

I learned my first real leadership lesson in 5th grade. The educators at Finland Elementary selected me to represent the school in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at another school close by. It was a big deal, and I was so excited. My parents were excited, too, taking time off work to show support for their over-achievingContinue reading “Leaders can’t have green lips.”

Avoiding the Rabbit Hole

Eventually, you will be interviewed by a writer. An opportunity to tell your story, this is a crucial moment to get that story straight. I’ve interviewed business executives, entrepreneurs, police officers, young professionals, Olympian athletes, community leaders and more. From this experience, I’ve learned what makes a great interview, and what makes it great to read.Continue reading “Avoiding the Rabbit Hole”