Full Moons & Tarot

Full moons create a powerful, pronounced energy.

With tomorrow’s June full moon in Sagittarius—which is also known as Strawberry Moon and is a Supermoon—you might be wondering how to channel or enjoy that energy.

Tarot is a powerful way to tap into full moon energy.

But first, let’s talk about how I approach full moon rituals a bit more so we’re situated in what that even means.

Phrases like “high vibration” are loaded words, but there is definitely something noticeable in the air during full moons.

Since you’re here hanging out with me, I likely don’t have to convince you of that — if you don’t already have your own rituals, you may be looking to get started.

Full moon rituals connect us to that energy; whether it’s intuitive, magical, spiritual, or primal, people harness influences of the moon in many different ways, varying depths.

Perhaps you want to embrace the cyclical nature of the moons to for wellness check-ins, channel a sacred energy to practice your charms, perform some practical magic around your home, or just dance, sing and be wild—there’s something for everyone and it’s all valid.

I don’t know all of the things about full moons and can’t pretend to. What I do know, however, is my own experience – my life changed when I started saying no to happy hours and yes to full moon rituals.

OBVIOUSLY there are a lot of other elements at play there, but full moons gave me structure, discipline, and way to commit to my own healing that really worked for me.

Let’s start with the basics. 

Ritual can be as simple or as elaborate as you want – the idea is to do the same steps in the same order to create a rhythm, and within that repetition and dedication, you signal to your spiritual energy that you are in a space of healing, intention, prayer, manifestation, receptivity, etc.

Rituals can be done anytime, but full moons are believed to heighten the energy.

I see Full Moons as “at capacity” — the moon is at its fullest extent, so it makes me think of the ways that I too, am full or at capacity, where I need to make room for other experiences, where I need to express gratitude for things in my life. 

My full moon rituals tend to revolve around that concept.

A full moon ritual could be one simple step—that you make a point to go outside and physically be under a full moon each month.

You could also:

journal about things that are on your mind to release them from your mental grip

  • light candles
  • take baths
  • have sex
  • make art
  • reset your altar
  • smudge
  • clean your house
  • donate money
  • be of service
  • clean up trash
  • basically, do things that remove old or stored energy

I like to consider two aspects of a full moon when doing my ritual: the folklore and the astrology. Sometimes, I consider a third, and that is culture and collective energy.

Each moon is named after something to help track seasons, to indicate time passing or when to plant, hunt, harvest, hibernate, It’s cycle in itself, but also in its impact. For example, the upcoming full moon is the Strawberry Moon – it indicates when the gathering season begins; in the Northern hemisphere, this is noted by the abundance of ripe strawberries, and creates an atmosphere of abundance in the summer months.

With this in mind, I might include prompts, totems, or tarot spreads that encompass notions of abundance, gathering, work, expansion, growth, or beauty. I may also include picking or eating strawberries as part of the ritual.

I also like to think about the astrological energy. For example, June’s full moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, so I might consider where I can be radical, rebellious, passionate, unpredictable, playful with the topics that are present. As a fire sign, I might be sure to add some Sagittarian heat by lighting more candles than usual. Maybe it means I write my intentions on paper and burn them. Orrrr maybe it means playing with sparklers and weaving my dreams into the near-summer air.

In addition, June’s full moon in particular is a Supermoon, which means its orbit is closer to the Earth than usual and will appear larger. This may heighten a ritual even more! Other cosmic energy I think about to modify my ritual are eclipses, retrogrades, blue moons, so on, so forth.

Sometimes, the placement of the Full Moon comes during heightened collective experiences. Right now, there are many things on my mind and probably yours too: gun laws, abortion rights, protecting Trans folks, and Pride Month overall. How can my rituals extend to be of service? In what I’m manifesting or committing to, how can community be part of that?

To recap, for me, this full moon ritual will be about:

Releasing, making room for abundance and working hard for manifestations, bringing fire qualities into my practice. Maybe it means burning down constructs and systems that keep not only me, but communities around me, restrained, limited, or oppressed. 

Now, how to add tarot into a full moon ritual?


Reading tarot cards may be the most obvious way to incorporate tarot into your full moon ritual, but there are several approaches.

  1. Place a signifier card on your altar or practice space. Hand-select a card from the deck that represents you in this moment, or that represents the energy of the full moon. For June’s Strawberry Supermoon, I might pick the Temperance card that represents Sagittarius, or the Empress card that I may personally identify abundance with. Allow that energy to set a tone for your ritual.
  2. Read a Full Moon spread – there are SO many online to choose from. Essentially, however, reading the same spread each month can give you knowledge about your cycles and 
  3. With whatever spread you want, ask the question about what to release this month for the greatest good of you and the collective.
  4. Ask the cards what you are in abundance of that you can give back to your community


I mean more than a soap and water clean, babe. Though, if you’ve been depressed, maybe a good soap and water scrub can be the magic you need.

But a *cleanse.* Releasing old, stored energy from your body or space that you are knowingly or unknowingly holding onto.

You are the magic.

Tarot cards help you channel this magic.

When energy feels constipated or tense, our readings and cards may feel forced, challenging, or like talking to a brick wall. 

Because a lot of us deal with chronic mental and physical discomfort, it’s important to note that this feels beyond YOUR personal “normal” range of pain.

We do not need an absence of pain, or a spotless home to practice tarot or perform a ritual. But a full moon gives us an opportunity to pause and acknowledge where we’re at physically, emotionally, or mentally. 

If a cleanse feels appropriate, try these things:

  • Journal prompts
  • Sea salt bath
  • Smudging
  • Cleaning the house *or just sweeping and dusting old energy out*
  • Gentle yoga
  • Singing/Dancing
  • Reiki or energy healing
  • Massage
  • Exfoliation 


With the release qualities of a Full Moon, this is a powerful time to cleanse your tarot deck.

They absorb your energy all month long. If you read tarot for others like I do, they also hold on to energy from your friends and clients. 

Cleansing your deck regularly is super beneficial for clarity, and full moons are the perfect time to do this. 

  1. Set your deck under the moonlight. It’s simple, effective, and free!
  2. Smudge your tarot decks with smoke.
  3. Use sea salt: Place your deck on a bed of sea salt, sprinkle salt over your deck, or rub sea salt between your hands and hold your tarot deck.
  4. Place a crystal that clears energy on top of your tarot deck.

There are many approaches, but these are the ones I feel are most accessible and most personal. You can make the cleansing rituals what you want, and part of your overall ritual for the full moon. You can keep the deck stacked or fan them out on the floor, table, or altar. Whatever works best for you!

If you had a particularly challenging month or the cards worked overtime, you may want to add a meditation or journaling prompts to acknowledge the energy between you and the tarot deck. Expressing gratitude and releasing collective energy goes a long way with your sacred metaphysical tools.


My tarot decks get tired. They are used for not just readings, but studying and teaching as well. They need a rest sometimes! Full moons are a good time to re-organize the decks, putting all of the suits and Major Arcana in order, then doing individual cleansing rituals to each set.

Full moons can be powerful times to tap into your intuition and magic through ritual. Tarot is just one of many methods!

Read Like RaDonna Summer Tarot Course opens next week on the summer solstice! Week two we talk about Tarot & intuition and Week four we talk about Shuffles and Spreads — both include elements of personalizing a ritual and creating sacred space for you to hone your magic. Future students get in line here!

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