Practical Magic: Full Moon in Virgo Rituals

How to Embrace the Full Moon in Virgo, loves!

First, let’s situate ourselves.

Many feel drained, discombobulated, depressed—overall significantly low in energy right now.

Those feelings aren’t ideal — but they’re not only okay, they’re on time.

This week, my dear friend Kearstin described telling time as “Primordial,” using seasons, land, and cosmic cycles to tell time versus the man-made calendar.

Our inner clocks tell us to wind down. Our bones know when it’s time to rest. Our nature – both within us and around us – tells us the same.

We are currently in the third act of winter. A time of full-stop slowness, a deep loss, a profound spiral.

Additionally, we are in the final days of the astrological calendar, with this full moon signifying the end to the year according to the Stars.

This creates a powerful opening to release, to let go, to shed the thick skin we’ve grown in winter months; we can emerge anew.

The Full Moon in Virgo rituals I’m about to suggest honor the low-energy feeling we’re still in, but embrace the fertile atmosphere ahead.

I’m not sharing one complicated ritual that takes a lot of time and energy. Instead, I list different ways to harness Full Moon in Virgo energy depending on your personal time and energy capacities.

This full moon is a special one—you won’t have to do much to feel its influence (unless you want to!).

Whether you spend 30 seconds, 30 minutes, or 3 hours on a ritual, it doesn’t matter. What matters is whatever amount of time and energy you feel is appropriate — choose it on purpose. Even if all you’re doing is tweezing your eyebrows or taking a breath of fresh air, do it with intent and the affirmation that you deserve to take this time for yourself.

Imagine that whatever you’re doing is removing stagnant energy from the past year, from the past season, from your energy field.

In these three categories – Minimal ⚡️ , Moderate ⚡️⚡️, and Max ⚡️⚡️⚡️, you will find they all:

✨ Are low or no cost
✨ Can be done at home
✨ Encourage the full moon influence to either release, reflect, or express
✨ Honor the Virgo energies to renew, arrange, and take root

Before you begin any and all activity, remind yourself of the reason you are putting your time and energy into this act:

State WHY, whether verbally or in your head: “I am doing this to let go of____, and invite in ____.

Minimal ⚡️

Honoring The Body
✨ Exfoliate one part of your body
✨ Face cleanse/mask
✨ Stretch
✨ Tweeze or shave
✨ Breathwork – breathe all the way in, filling your lungs; on the exhale, fully release all air. Imagine on the exhale all tension and stress is moving out of you
✨ Shower

Honoring Your Home
✨ Take out the trash
✨ Change the sheets
✨ Wash your mirrors (speaking love into the mirrors of course)
✨ Open a window
✨ Read for fun
✨ Match your socks

Creating a Peaceful Digital Space
✨ Unfollow accounts you don’t like anymore
✨ Unfollow accounts that make you feel bad
✨ Mute anyone you need a break from
✨ Change your iPhone background to something that feels ______ (joyful, abundant, loving, peaceful, etc)

Feeding Your Spirit
✨ Journal – stream of consciousness
✨ Pull one tarot card about what to release
✨ Pray

Moderate ⚡️⚡️

Honoring The Body
✨ Exfoliate entire body or scalp
✨ Make a sugar or coffee scrub to use
✨ Take a bath with epsom or sea salt
✨ Moisturize your entire body, head to toe
✨ Massage your hands

Honoring Your Home
✨ Organize a drawer
✨ Clean the tub/shower
✨ Clean makeup brushes, hairbrushes, etc.
✨ Vacuum/sweep/mop while imagining you’re sucking up and tossing any negative or stagnant energies
✨ Clean out your fridge
✨ Clean off at least one counter space

Creating a Peaceful Digital Space
✨ Unsubscribe from emails
✨ Delete screenshots
✨ Turn off your phone for an hour

Feeding Your Spirit
✨ Write a gratitude list for all things big and small
✨ Meditate
✨ Light some candles
✨ Cleanse your tarot decks or spiritual items (put by the window, smudge, or use selenite)

Max ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Honoring The Body
✨ Full body routine: exfoliate, mask, shave (if that’s your jam), take a bath, moisturize
✨ Smudge your body (don’t forget to open a window)
✨ Youtube a yoga class
✨ Make yourself a nourishing meal
✨ Get dressed in the thing you never let yourself wear even if you’re just doing dishes
✨ Take a long walk

Honoring Your Home
✨ Get rid of clothes that make you feel bad about yourself
✨ Repot plants
✨ Clean a room top to bottom
✨ Clean the bathroom
✨ Do all the dishes (and put them away)

Creating a Peaceful Digital Space
✨ Change your passwords
✨ Set time limits on certain apps
✨ Turn off your phone entirely

Feeding Your Spirit
✨ Create or refresh an Ancestral altar
✨ Full moon tarot spreads
✨ Smudge your house (don’t forget to open a window)
✨ Perform a release ritual (write things on paper and bury them or tear them up and recycle, etc),
Write a list of all the things on your mind and discern which ones you can let go/aren’t in your control, which ones that are in your control and a corresponding action step, and which ones are in your control but you are opting out of doing/acting on
✨ Gather totems that represent full moons, earth, Virgo season and place them in a specific space for the next day or two – write a release and an intention on a piece of paper

In general, this can be a time to set boundaries with people, situations, or habits that drain your energy. Start with envisioning how you want to feel in your days, then think about what seems to get in the way of that in daily life. Be creative and specific about the lines that need drawn. For example, maybe you aren’t getting as much done as you like, but you’re in a depressive state — perhaps you can give yourself three main goals for each day instead of a laundry list. Or you may not be able to quit your job, but maybe you have power over when you check your email. Or perhaps you can’t cut off a relationship entirely, but you can choose to leave or disengage if the conversation/time with them is triggering (and let them manage their own response). These are just some ideas to get started because not everyone’s situation is the same.

Give yourself permission to be picky where you can.

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