222 Tarot Spread

Today I’m sharing my 222 Tarot Spread, one I created to embrace the unique energetic portals of February 2 and February 22, 2022.

Although it will be powerful today, save for any time you’re at a crossroads or feeling unsure about a next step. 

It emphasizes duality, unity, alignment, connection, as well as change, challenges, and choices. The purpose is not to tell you what to do, or predict an outcome, but to center yourself in your truth and honor your experience.

Look… I’m not doing a quick tour of this spread because it’s deep. This isn’t a recipe. Skipping to the end isn’t going to give you the flavor darling.

I recognize that we’re all over-extended at the moment, and time is limited. But I fully recommend reading this reference material all the way through, even if you’re reading the tarot spread at a later date, so you can harness all the intention that was put into it as you pull cards. 

This spread is not chill.

Not just because I created it, but from my experience reading this spread for clients, it is not a tarot spread that we can just breeze through. It needs to marinate.


This spread was inspired by 222 energy. Today is February 22, 2022, 2/22/22, 22022022.

The once-in-a-lifetime date creates some unique energy to channel.

The palindromic portal, an attracting ambigram, 2/22/22 opens a window to challenge choices, changes, and maybe even the chaos that lingers in our lives.

As a number, 222 energy calls for duality, alignment, and connection.

Today, however, is also the Pluto Return of the US of A, meaning Pluto is exactly where it was on the “birth” of the country, when the Declaration of Independence was signed. 

Pluto represents upheaval, unknown, major metamorphosis. So there’s a collective revolutionary energy. 

For me, 22222 energy is about the magnetism of opposites, the relationship between two separate things, and the energy that draws them together.

In one way or another, many of us seek unity, alignment, connection, options, new pathways in our lives.

Today’s the day to talk about Bruno, so to speak. Today’s the day we recognize the cracks in the foundation; the underlying energy, the stirrings of our soul, the things we know are there but we don’t understand—that’s what’s breaking the surface.

Whereas maybe we can’t rebuild or completely shift direction in one day, we can allow ourselves to honor the truth. 

If I’ve lost you already because this seems too freakin out there, well, uh, yes it is. And it get it. This is a take what resonates, leave the rest kind of space.

For those who get it, however, let’s get weird.

I created the 222 tarot spread to extract our truths: the dualities within us that will help guide us a step or two closer to making the choices and changes that we crave.

I read this spread all day today and all day on 2/2/22 and WOW. 

Even I was in disbelief at how powerful it was.


30-60 minutes of sacred space to read this spread would be nice. Not necessary, but nice. 

Get your favorite journal and pen, set the mood in any way that feels right. It’s okay if you get distracted: parenting doesn’t pause, life happens. Do what you can with what you have.

Whereas reading tarot can generally be a natural and flexible practice, this spread in particular will call on your focus, and would be best read in a full ritual setting, whatever that means to you, in whatever ways you are able. Whatever you do, just do it with intention.

And no, you don’t need a specific topic to read this spread. It is, however, a powerful practice to put your intention into a question, even if it’s open-ended. I found that even if I focus on a certain topic, areas of our lives are interlinked and we tend to receive what is for our greatest good.

Set time aside for your processing, dreaming up, and feeling — make sure you don’t have to rush into something else.


This is a ten-card tarot spread.

Visually, I wanted this spread to feel like a mirror, portraying parts of self, and showcasing alignments between all aspects of self. One part of us influences the other. The way the cards are placed in the spread are symmetrical.

Honoring the dual energy, the cards are read by the pair.

Pair One inspired the Two in the Major Arcana, The High Priestess. The first two cards represent the inner and outer self. 

Card 1: The inner is what you feel, know, sense on the inside. 

Card 2: The outer is how you express, act, and move about in the world. 

This cross is the innermost core of the spread, and the core of ourselves. It sets a tone for what we experience and why we could embrace or are having trouble embracing a new chapter.

It represents thing we know, and the thing we do.

Things I might consider: am I conveying on the outside how I feel on the inside? Is there alignment in myself? Am I able to express what I feel? Do I want to stay in this place and harness this energy, or do I want to pivot into a different state of being?

Pair Two inspired by the Two of Wands, the places between to options, two worlds. Theses signify the past, and the future.

Card 3: The past on the left represents what you know, your experiences, your lessons from that time, the origin of your fears or hopes, etc.

Card 4: The future on the far right represents what you envision, what you hope for, what you desire. It is not an exact outcome, but more so how you feel or what you imagine is possible.

Things I might consider: I think about how one informs the other. How does our past influence our future? What did we learn before that can help us forward? Is our past and our future similar in energy, and how do we feel about that? Can we see a clear pathway? Is this a future that sounds desirable? Can I apply a lesson from my past that can shift the direction?

Pair Three inspired by the Two of Cups, the attraction of where you are and where you want to be, the Here and There.

Card 5: The Here on the bottom inner left represents the present moment. What you experience or have access to in the current reality. The starting point, the catalyst of your pathways forward. 

Card 6: The There on the top inner left represents where you really want to end up, opportunities that exist that you might not have considered.

Things I might consider: what needs to change to get from here to there? What will require me to be fluid, flexible? What is in or out of my control to influence? What about this resonates with me. What are similarities and differences between “there” and the card that showed up as “what I envision?”

Pair Four inspired by the Two of Pentacles, the how you approach your path, the juggling of options and responsibilities. These are things to Stop and Start.

Card 7: Stop on the bottom inner right represents what you are currently doing, or what you had to do to get to this point, but won’t need your attention moving forward.

Card 8: Start on the top inner right represents something that you need to begin focusing attention on that will help you make progress on your path.

Things I might consider: this is the “how” – so how are these cards showing up in my every day? Where am I noticing that the Stop card showing up, and how has it impacted me? How can I honor the Stop card if it helped me this far? Are there any connections to these cards with any other card in the spread? How are my actions related to my outcomes?

Pair Five inspired by the Two of Swords, this is the line of discernment, understanding the difference between wants and needs.

Card 9: The very top card represents your Wants, what you desire as a best-case-scenario outcome.

Card 10: The very bottom card represents your Needs, what will fulfill and sustain you. 

Things I might consider: Are these two cards connected or disconnected? Does one seem to outweigh the other? Is my want really good for me? Are my goals supportive of my needs? Is what I want being honored and allowed? How are these cards connected to the others in the deck?

As you pull cards, it is perfectly okay to use this guide as you read them — you don’t need to memorize this.

I pull all 10 cards, slowly, but one right after the other. I observe any immediate feelings that arise when I place the card where it goes. After I pull all of the cards, I look at them all at once, as a large story. I acknowledge how many of each type of card there are, see if there are any themes, and notice any duality, connections, or similarities between cards in the spread. 

Then I approach each pair, one card at a time.

Your solution will not be laid out in ink, set in stone, or clear as day. 

If you’re looking for an exact answer on “should” or “shouldn’t,” “yes” or “no,” you’re going to have a tough time with this. Let go of finding the right answer.

This is not a spread to figure out, but to feel out.

Allow the sensations and emotions that come to you teach you about what you actually want. Learn about the alignments and misalignments in and around you. All them to inform you on what it could look to take actions, big or small, that are more in alignment. Be curious about the cards and what they mean for your life.


Journal. Get everything that came to mind out. Further explore some of the topics that were inspired by the tarot cards. Let your notes, your words, be messy and undefined.

Choose one or two areas where you can make small daily tweaks to your experience. What is in your power to do?

Finally, after receiving so much data to process, I fully recommend doing something completely soothing. Take a bath. Play with your kids. Order food — or cook food if that’s more relaxing for you. Listen to music. Read a book. Whatever it is that feels relaxing and nourishing, spend some time doing that after a reading like this.

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