Tarot for Lovers

Valentine’s Day has me thinking about how Tarot portrays love.

Any card could relate to love, relationships, sex, and intimacy in the deck, but a few offer messages about love directly. 

The most obvious is, of course, The Lovers. 

The lovers

It speaks of unity, divine intervention, two coming together, open-heartedness, and so much more. At its core it is about love and relationships. 


The card I want to talk about though? The Devil.

The Lovers and The Devil have striking similarities, don’t you think? Think about how often you go for delicious, devilish dessert when your body is craving something hearty and nutritious. 

When thinking of love, also comes the topics of obsession, desperation. To me, it’s just as important to talk about. Because there’s a fine line between feeling swept off your feet and completely carried away in chaos. It teaches us to be aware of what draws us close to a partner. The Devil as it relates to relationships typically means caution, that old patterns may be repeating, give us the clue that the partner is unhealthy. Sometimes, depending on the situation, it could mean a pleasure, romance or fetish.  


The Two of Cups also represents coming together; we can come from different places, but with the reach of just one hand, we can unite. There is a sense of healing and nourishment that this bond brings. It fills our cups without depletion. 


The evolution of this card is the Ten of Cups, which represents fulfillment and completion with your ideal family. There is peace and harmony here. Messages of happiness and joy are possible.


The Three of Swords is unmistakeable for its commentary on love. We’ve heard the saying: love is pain and pain is love. The pain of love pierces our heart. Those wounds don’t heal, they change us. So we go into love knowing the risk, and we love hard anyway. In readings this could mean to acknowledge past pains, become aware of the hurts in your current relationship, or accept the painful truths.




We will end with The Four of Wands. This card is about beginnings, about commitment, and about sacred bonds. Unlike our cups cards, this card implies the work, the activity, that goes into building the relationship you want. It implies there is passion, but it needs to have direction. There is magic, but it needs to be useful. And it also nods that it takes a village to maintain a healthy outlook on yourself and the success of your relationship. In readings, this would indicate to me a triumph in love, a need to create a strong foundation, or a need to come together through passion, creativity.

These tarot cards can apply to so many situations outside of a romantic relationship; still, when these cards come up in readings, a component of love and relationships is trying to be heard.

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