What the Winds Carried

Last night, I felt the atmosphere shift. 

It started with a sunshower, rain sprinkling during sunshine. Several minutes later, a thunderstorm burst open from the sky, pouring heavy, hard rain. It left as quickly as it came. But the wind stayed, strong enough to send us sideways. All around, leaves rolled in the air, dancing in the same direction, like they knew it was time. Finally, three flocks of sparrows pulled together and apart like taffy in effortless orchestration, right overhead as my partner and I crossed a bridge. 

We were both in mouth-open amazement. He said what I was thinking: “the veil is definitely thinning.”

This week, Halloween, Samhain, and Dia de los Muertos occur in the same time period. It is a time when we more palpably share space with spirit. 

The winds carried it in. 

There could be two sides of this, separate or simultaneous. It could be experienced as ominous—chills, getting the creeps, feeling a little scared, nervous, or even depressed. It could also be experienced as heightened intuition, feeling warmth for no explicable reason, connectivity with your loved ones.

I don’t know what your house is like. I don’t know how this will impact you. I’m just saying—be aware of yourself, and don’t dismiss a gut feeling. 

If you get a bad vibe from someone, trust it. If you feel like you got a sign from a loved one in spirit, trust it. If you feel like you need to protect yourself, trust it. If you know you need to pull yourself from a spiral, trust it.

Some ideas to help you spend time with your spirituality this week:

Bless your space

Send healing to others

Heal yourself (with therapy, bodywork, meditation, reiki, whatever works for you)

Protect your energy, your spirit, your space

Call in your loved ones

Pay attention to signs

Ask for guidance 

Trust your gut

Personally, I am excited about this time. I feel more sensitive, more intuitive, more connected. So I am fully trusting myself, knowing that my decisions and actions will be meaningful for me. It doesn’t mean I didn’t get a sense of unease as well. Before bed last night, I smudged my room with the Holy Wood, Palo Santo, for protection and clearing. I asked my guides to be with me. This morning I lit candles in gratitude and thanks.

Tell me… did you feel this shift too?

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