Everything is Full Circle

In elementary school, my friends and I would pretend to make potions and spells at recess (Practical Magic probably just came out 😸). Each of us would bring supplies from home, and sit in a circle under a tree and mix up pretty things.

I searched my house for items we could use. I climbed on the countertops and dug into the kitchen cabinets, squirming back into the cavern of spices as far as my little arms would reach. I chose cinnamon sticks, and snatched as many as I could without being too suspicious 😹 (which means I left one in the jar… haha). 

My friends brought fragrant, glittery beauty products—lotions, sprays, gels, all the goop from Bath & Body works—that made everything sparkle and smell good. I brought the cinnamon sticks. At the time, I felt embarrassed about it—I felt like it wasn’t as magical as something that sparkled in the sunlight.

Today, I giggle to myself as I purchase cinnamon sticks to place on my Autumn altar during this Saturday’s equinox.

I knew more than I realized. Even then, I was drawn to the earthly wonders that help us feel warm and whole, even if in comparison it seemed off-base. Now I know that just because something glitters, doesn’t mean it’s gold. All the bells and whistles mean nothing without substance. And cinnamon is a miracle worker.

During my Autumn Equinox ritual this Saturday, I’m adding cinnamon to my Autumn altar for grounding, warm energy, among other autumn totems.

What do you plan to do to welcome autumn and set the tone for the season?

At this moment, I’m writing my ritual to share with people in the Autumn Soul Care Cycle this Saturday. If you are curious about an autumn equinox ritual, or lunar rituals, this is a safe space to learn and explore.

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