Energetic Awakening

Reiki Level II Certificate

A year ago, Reiki entered my life.

For a year, it has changed it.

Learning Reiki opened a pathway for me to better understand energy, to self-soothe, and to help others heal. I don’t use Reiki as often as I could, but it truly is one of the most powerful skills I know.

Spiritually guided life energy, Reiki allows practitioners to draw energy from a higher power,  and channel it. It’s like sending good vibes. Or using the force. But for real.

When a Reiki Master attunes a student, they clear energetic blocks in the chakras and open an energetic pathway so the student is better able to channel energy. 

Everyone experiences an attunement differently, but during mine, I deeply meditated. During this meditation I visualized something significant — and began to see my face, eyes closed, at peace. Slowly, a layer of clear crystal lifted from from my skin, what looked like a glass mask, and when it got far enough away from my face, it shattered into sparkling, iridescent shards.


I didn’t know I was wearing that.

It felt like a barrier had been removed. Something that was keeping me from showing my true self, from experiencing the fullness of life. It felt like I woke up, and my true self could take a long awaited breath.

From that moment on, my gifts have been more present, my pain more palpable, my love deeper, my guard more easily taken down.

I’ve been my true self more than ever.

With knowledge of the chakras, I’ve been able to check in with myself and recognize where my anxiety manifests, and spend time working through that with Reiki. I fell out of the habit, but for a while, I was clearing my chakras with reiki before bed, and getting the soundest sleep. Reiki has also helped me chip away at and break free of weights I’ve carried my whole life.

I also have absolutely loved practicing Reiki to serve others. Before each retreat begins; I clear every door, every room, every bed with Reiki so the guests feel safe and comforted. I’ve offered one-on-one Reiki sessions, and I’ve blessed and protected new homes with Reiki. Now Reiki will be part of healing journeys I offer to clients. It has been an honor to witnessing the shifts, the relaxation, the connection to spirit, the clarity, and all other sensations they feel after experiencing Reiki.

Gaining the ability to practice Reiki has been one of the greatest gifts in this life. Today I will celebrate my anniversary with a float and let the Reiki Magic do its thing.

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