Friday the 13th Tarot Spread

With last night’s new moon in Cancer and a solar eclipse leading us into Friday the 13th, it seemed appropriate to harness the mystical energy in the air.

I’ve always appreciated Friday the 13th, even before I began exploring my spirituality. As a child, the day felt special and the air felt different. Recently I learned that originally, Friday the 13th celebrated the divine feminine, the Goddess. Centuries of patriarchal leadership, fear of woman, and pop culture have turned 13 into the unlucky number we understand it as today.

Today I celebrate as a holiday; I took the day off after a successful Tarot 101 Workshop to do my New Moon rituals: take an energy cleansing bath, organize my space, set intentions for the month ahead, and of course, read some tarot.

Witch Way Magazine created this Friday the 13th Tarot Spread, which of course uses 13 cards to offer messages on this sacred day of the Goddess.

Witch Way Magazine Friday the 13th Spread

  1. Black Cat: An event crossing your path or an omen
  2. Walking Under a Ladder: Something you are avoiding in your life
  3. Broken Mirror: Something you aren’t seeing clearly, something confusing
  4. Knock on Wood: Where you are protected, how to protect yourself
  5. Cold Hands, Warm Heart: Romantic experiences, how to warm your heart
  6. Find a Penny Pick It Up: Where you can prosper, financial advice
  7. Wish Bone: A wish you made that will come true or a wish to focus on
  8. Thirteen Witches Coven: Your sacred tribe, valuable people in your life
  9. Thirteen Moons: Magic or a project to pay attention to on Friday 13th
  10. Thirteenth Floor: Something to skip, something you don’t need in your life
  11. Bad Luck: Something to prepare for going poorly
  12. Good Luck: Something to prepare for going well
  13. Changing Luck: Surprise events, something exciting

This morning, with coffee in hand, I asked the Universe for messages that would serve my greatest good today.

Friday the 13th Spread

This was so fun. I loved that each card referenced a well-known phenomenon dealing with luck and magic, such as the black cat or broken mirror. I love that it went a little further into the depth of what that could mean. The Black Cat represented an omen, while the Broken Mirror represents something you aren’t seeing clearly.

For my inquiry, I noticed right away that I received six Wands and three Major Arcana cards. I feel that means that the actions I take today have the potential to create shifts in my life as it relates to my work and spirituality. With the World Reversed, I know that it’s possible that I could get distracted easily.

The Heirophant in the Knock on Wood position felt so meaningful and powerful. I love that building a spiritual practice will protect me–and it was just something I thought about last night.

At first I thought this spread would be silly and just for fun, and I’m sure it could be, I was surprised to see some really spot on messages come through. I was surprised at some of what it showed me and gained a lot from it.

I recommend this spread to anyone who is interested in embracing the Friday the 13th energy, especially if you’re feeling like you’re in a funk today.

Since there were so many cards to remember, I suggest shuffling between each individual tarot card so you know you are drawing for the specific meaning of the card.

Let me know how this goes for you!

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