Embrace the Summer Solstice

RaDonna 1The Summer Solstice marks a time to embrace the fullness of life. 

Solstice traditions and rituals revolve around the Sun and appreciation for it. After the Summer Solstice, daylight shortens; with the light of day waning, we light fire in our hearts. 

This evokes a season of passion and pleasure, cultivating an atmosphere where our dedication to self will pay off, where we will gather from the the growth of what we’ve planted.

This ripens the energy to set goals, create plans, and manifest.

The Summer Solstice means it’s time to create, to make money moves, to blaze a trail, to move forward. Think expansion in finances, family, friendships, creative endeavors, side projects, spiritual practices. 

And my darlings, when you show up for yourself, it creates a ripple effect for you to show up for others.

We tend to think of manifestation, self-care, and intention-setting as completely self-involved— I believe it simply begins from within, but is meant to expand outside of self. For me, it is when I am sure of myself that I am most of service. It is when I am most passionate that I am most active.

So when I speak of setting goals and a dedication to self, it’s important to remember that it flows into how you interact with your community and act on your passions.

As you work through what you want to create this summer, by all means, include community service in your dedication to self. For example, if seeing images of people in cages or children separated from parents ignited something within you, harness the focus on yourself to create a plan of action. What gifts, resources, connections do YOU have to make a difference? Apply this lens to anything you care about.

The summer makes it possible to lead with heart. And it’s crucial that we all do.

To prepare yourself for this energetic shift in consciousness and this time of cultivation, here are a few ways to fully embrace the solstice:

🌻Watch the sun rise or sun set
🌻Pick flowers
🌻Arrange a mandala out of flower petals, shells, stones, etc
🌻Have a bonfire
🌻Gather herbs
🌻Light candles in your space
🌻Incorporate yellows, golds in your day
🌻Express gratitude
🌻Watch the robins
🌻Eat lemon or orange

When you feel attuned to the energy around you, begin your planning. If you want a little guidance to harness this energy through summer, consider enrolling in the Summer Soul Care Cycle.

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