My Full Moon Ritual


For a few years now, I’ve been doing some sort of a full moon ritual.

It started with my soul sisters, where we had monthly full moon ceremonies, and when that slowed down, I found myself turning down other plans to still honor my rituals. I add full moons and new moons to my calendar, and plan around them.

Among many other gifts, full moons remind me to check where I’m at capacity.

When I acknowledge what’s taking up too much space in my life, I can let it go, and make more room for what I want.

For me, full moons call for SO much emotional work, but I give myself space and a process that makes me feel really good, powerful, and open.

I share my full moon ritual to give you ideas or inspiration to harness the full moon energy yourself, to support your goals and clear your heart. Take or leave what you want!


I start with the easiest, and most obvious way to clear out energy; I start with cleaning. Around the full moon, I literally clear out space in my home, my car, my purse—anything that collects junk and dust, I tackle.

Here’s some of my full-moon honey-do list:
Wash bedding and towels
Clean out purses and wallets
Cleanse makeup brushes
Clean the bathroom
Take out all of the trash and recycling
Clean out the fridge
Donate clothes I don’t wear
Clean out the car

I know there’s more, but that’s a hell of a good start. You don’t have to do it all at once—I sure don’t! But I make it a habit to do these types of tasks around the full moon. It feels less like cleaning routine, and more like a ritual. I am intentionally making space for me to thrive.


Once I feel pretty good about my physical space, I focus on my body.

IMG_4966To me, cleansing my body during a full moon means to pay attention to it. It serves as a reminder to release tension. There are so many ways to clear energy out of the body, but my favorite are cleansing baths and showers.

Let me say: you do not need anything extra to make this a cleansing ritual. The idea that we only achieve self-care by spending extra money on rose petals, essential oils, etc, perpetuates a myth that self-care is only accessible to the privileged. Don’t listen to that noise.

Set your intention for the experience, such as “this water is to remove negativity,” “this water is to relieve stress stored,” etc, and you will get the benefits of the cleanse. Set your mood. Then get in!

Here are few other body-cleansing methods I use:
Yoga or Stretching
Breathing techniques
Massage, Manicure or Pedicure (sometimes I pay for it, but mostly I do these myself)
Exfoliate (homemade sugar scrubs are my go-to and I use them all of the time, but especially around full moons)


Once my physical space and my human body feel more clear, I move onto clearing what I’m storing in my heart and mind.

Most months, I do all of the following:
Light candles and incense
Read Tarot
Place stones/crystals by the window
Reiki and energy work
Sage/Palo Santo

Sometimes I go deeper. Because it can be hard to specify what I need to release, I start by looking at previous intentions and goals. I write down how I’m feeling about the progress, what I love about it, what I wish was different. I write until I realize what it is that’s holding me back from manifesting or reaching my desires.

And that. That feeling right there. That is the shit I want to let go. In order to truly let it go, we must acknowledge it. So I write about what it feels like to be stuck in a pattern, to feel angry or scared or cocky or small. And I write what it would look like if I didn’t feel that way anymore. When I can summarize the sticky feeling, and visualize what it feels like to be free of that feeling, I write that down on a small piece of paper. And I set that shit on fire! If you do this, make sure you’re in a safe space, obviously. Fire is dangerous even if you’re grown.

Overall, this cleansing ritual takes me a few days. I start the week of the full moon, and make sure I have time to cleanse my space and body before the full moon. When the full moon is highest is when I clear my energy.

You don’t  have to do it exactly like this – the point of a ritual is to discover what works with you and allow your rituals to honor your spirit. Even writing it out, there are ways I would change this myself.

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