10-Step Ritual To Heal an Object

We all own objects that carry a memory, a history.

Whether an heirloom, tokens of past love, or even clothes you wore on a really bad day, these items carry energy that mess with your mood.

Items you’re unfamiliar with can carry some weird vibes, too, especially if you’re sensitive to energy. More than once, I’ve picked up items at vintage stores that sent chills down my spine, or touched a shirt on a thrift-store rack that made my hand tingle.

With objects like these, we have the ability to restore the impact they have on us by resetting their energy.

This is why I’ve made a habit of cleansing my belongings. In fact, I cleanse my tarot cards between each client, and I cleanse my crystals twice a month, on the new and full moon. Energy carries over, whether or not we’re conscious of it.

Below are steps I’ve used in my own practice to cleanse items. You can use tools you’re comfortable with to aid your ritual, like sage or selenite, but at the core, your belief in the change is what makes it possible.

1. Make Time
Depending on the person, the amount of items, the amount of healing that’s necessary, this could take anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours. Trust yourself in blocking the appropriate amount of time, and set the boundary that nothing else will come in the way.

2. Gather Your Items
Obviously, you’ll need to have the items you want to cleanse close by. Also gather anything that helps you meditate or relax. Let me be clear: you don’t need anything to cleanse your items. Use what’s accessible and comfortable to you. I mix it up, but a journal and a favorite pen is always ready. Other items could include: sage bundle, candles, incense (make sure you have a lighter or a match), tarot cards, crystals, meaningful alter items, sound bowls/bells, salt, lavender oil, feathers, and I’m sure so much more that’s not coming to mind—the point is you can use whatever feels good to you.


3. Find Private Space
Because this is a private experience, allow yourself privacy. Although an interruption won’t damage you or the process, it could jump you right out of your headspace. To some, this means locking the bedroom door, to others it means finding a lovely place in a park. Just choose somewhere you feel comfortable and protected.

4. Mark the Beginning the Ritual
To begin my ritual, I light incense, letting it burn around me, then sage, waving the smoke around my head and the area where I’ve rested. At times, I’ll also use a sound bowl if I need a different sensation. Many times, I’ll write why it’s important for me to set an intention, what led me to this point. Truly, you just need to do something that makes you feel ready to begin. Focus on your breathing. Set stones in a circle around you, or draw in the sand. Repeat a mantra. Meditate. Dab oil on your wrists or third eye. No matter the action you choose, you open a portal for healing. It gives you space to connect with your source, your spirit guides or yourself. It grounds and focuses you toward the task at hand.

5. Express Gratitude
After you feel physically grounded and spiritually connected, write or think of three things for which you are grateful. Be honest, but try to go beneath the surface. After you think of three things, then express gratitude for the item for which you are blessing and its journey to come to you. I usually talk to my spirit team in this portion.

6. Think Happy Thoughts
Seriously, this works. What is your purest, happiest memory? Fill your body with that feeling of elation, bliss or excitement. Let yourself feel that happiness.

7. Speak a Mantra or Prayer
Write an affirmation for your items. These are the intentions you’d like for each item, how each one will serve your greatest good. You can set intentions for things like Protection, Love, Creating Memories, Instilling Confidence, Healing… whatever you want that serves your greater good.

8. Clear Energy
Hold the item in your hands. Using the spiritual tools you’d like, take that positive energy, that happy feeling, and visualize it emitting from your hands and into the item. Repeat your affirmation over and over in your mind. If you use sage, gently blow smoke onto the item. If you use stones, place one or more on the item OR circle the item with your stone. If you use your body as your spiritual vessel, simply keep the item between your hands, feeling the warmth of your energy embrace your item.

9. Meditate
When you feel the intention is set, put your items aside and meditate. If you already have a meditation practice, do what works for you. If you do not meditate, simply focus on your breathing. Allow that happiness to continue filling you up. Do this for any amount of time that feels right. I get out my journal and spend some time writing about how I feel, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

10. Close the ritual.
When you’re finished meditating, come back to your space. Move slowly. I rub my hands together, then rub my hands on my knees. I wiggle my fingers and my toes. Once my body is more aware, I do something that clearly means I’m finished—usually that act is blowing out a candle or shuffling my tarot deck. Sometimes it’s completing three more deep breaths. Some people snap, clap, or use a bell. What you do doesn’t really matter, but consciously end the ritual.


This does not in any way need to be seamless. It has taken me about a year to really identify a ritual, but I still change it up depending on what I need at the time and what else I’ve learned. Allow yourself time to develop a style and a ritual that works for you.

The most important thing, no matter what, is that you believe in the intention you’re setting for the item.

Your belief is what sets the intention in motion, and what allows it to thrive. This item will continually mean something different for you. Sometimes, the pain is deeply embedded in an item. In that case, I would do a release ceremony every full moon, and an intention ceremony every new moon, until I feel the healing has occurred.

It just so happens, there is a new moon in Virgo tomorrow. Whereas full moons are wonderful for releasing energy, new moons are prime for bringing in energy. Several of my favorite astrologers, such as Chani Nicholas and Jessica Lanyadoo of The Hood Witch, are saying that the galaxy has created an environment in which Tuesday’s new moon is particularly effective for focusing on your own energy.

Tomorrow would be an incredibly powerful day to try to reinvigorate the energy of an item that brings negativity in your life–but you can do this anytime!

Let me know how this goes for you.

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